2020-2021 Service Opportunities
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**Masks and Social Distancing Required for All Service Opportunities**

​Saturday, March 6, GH Wetland Workday w/Rush (10-12)
Friday, March 12, GH Wetland Workday w/Rush (10-12)
Saturday, March 13, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
Friday, March 19, GH Wetland Workday w/Magee (2:30-4:30)
Saturday, March 20, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (1-3)

APES 3rd Quarter Community Service Hours are Due by Tuesday, March 23rd

Saturday, Apr 10, GH Wetland Workday w/Magee (10-12)
Saturday, Apr 10, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
Saturday, Apr 17, GH Adopt-A-Highway w/Rush (10-12)
Sunday, Apr 18, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
Saturday, Apr 24, GH Wetland Workday w/Magee (10-12)
Sunday, Apr 25 - Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)

Saturday, May 1, GH Wetland Workday​ w/Magee (10-12)
Saturday, May 8, GH Wetland Workday w/Rush (10-12)
Saturday, May 15, GH StreamWatch & Wetland Workday for 1st Semester Students (9-1)
Saturday, May 22, GH Wetland Workday w/Rush (9-11)

​APES 4th Quarter Community Service Hours are Due by Friday, May 28th

Opportunities marked with ** are not GH sponsored.
form & picture must be submitted for credit.

Environmental Community Service is an important part of AP Environmental Science classes and Environmental Club. While there is no service hours requirement for Environmental Club members, each student in APES is required to complete six hours of service per quarter. If students complete more than six hours in the first quarter, the additional hours will rollover to the second. If a student fails to show up for an event or removes their name from signup genius within 24 hours of the event, five points will be deducted from their grade. This deduction may be avoided by emailing Mr. Rush (or Ms. Magee) before the posted event start time. Students completing events on their own must fill out a service form and attach a photo. No form or picture is need when completing hours listed below and signed up for through signup genius. Community service activities that do not benefit the environment or an environmental organization, while commendable, will not be credited (ie. Habitat for Humanity, Landscaping & Beautification Efforts, Food Bank).
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Bond Park
Bond Park Canoe
Good Hope Farm
Harris Lake
Lake Crabtree
Tiger Rescue
Town of Cary
Holly Springs


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