2023-2024 Service Opportunities
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Opportunities marked with ** are not GH sponsored. A form & picture must be submitted for credit.

Saturday, Aug 26, GH Stadium Recycling (8-10)
**Saturday, Aug 26, Lazy Daze "Green Team" (various shifts 8:30-5:30)**
**Sunday, Aug 27, Lazy Daze "Green Team" (various shifts 8:30-5:30)**

Saturday, Sep 2, GH Wetland Workday (9-11)
Saturday, Sep 9, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
**Saturday, Sep 9, Litter Sweep at Walnut Creek Park (9-12)**
**Saturday, Sep 16, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**
Saturday, Sep 16, Harvest Fest (9-1 and/or 12-4)
**Saturday, Sep 16, Litter Sweep at Lake Johnson (10-12)**
**Saturday, Sep 16, Bugfest @ Museum of Natural Sciences (10-7)**
**Saturday, Sep 23, Litter Sweep at White Deer Park (9-10:30)**
**Saturday, Sep 23, Litter Sweep at Lake Wheeler (9-12)**
**Saturday, Sep 23, Fall Festival (recycle station or landfill diverter only) (9-3)**
Sunday, Sep 24, GH Stadium Recycling (8:30-10:30)

Sunday, Oct 1, GH Wetland Workday (10-12)
Saturday, Oct 7, GH Stadium Recycling (8-10)
**Saturday, Oct 7, Cary Litter Sweep: Crossroads (8-10)**
**Saturday, Oct 7, Cary Litter Sweep: Davis Drive (8-10)**
**Saturday, Oct 7, Blue Jay Point County Park (9-12)**
Saturday, Oct 7, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (9:30-11:30)
​**Saturday, Oct 7, Cary Litter Sweep: East Cary (11-1)**
**Saturday, Oct 7, Cary Litter Sweep: Wrenn Drive (12-2)**
Sunday, Oct 8, GH Wetland Workday (10-12)
**Saturday, Oct 14, Harris Lake Spooky Soiree (9:30-1:30)** 
**Saturday, Oct 14, Piedmont Wildlife Center Adopt A Highway (10-12)**
Saturday, Oct 21, GH Stadium Recycling (8-10)
**Saturday, Oct 21, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**
**Saturday, Oct 21, Litter Sweep Lake Crabtree (9-1)**
Saturday, Oct 21, Harvest Fest (9-1 and/or 12/4)
Saturday, Oct 21, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
**Tuesday, Oct 24, Lake Crabtree Crafts (4-6)**
Thursday, Oct 26, Bond Park Compost Education Center (4-6)
Saturday, Oct 28, GH Stadium Recycling (8-10)
**Saturday, Oct 28, Lake Crabtree Creepy Crabtree (11-4)**
Sunday, Oct 29, GH Wetland Workday (10-12)

APES 1st Quarter Community Service Hours Due Monday, October 30

Saturday, Nov 4, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (9:30-11:30)​
Saturday, Nov 4, GH Eagle Scout Trail (10-1 and/or 1-3)
**Saturday, Nov 4, Blue Jay Point County Park (1-3)**
Sunday, Nov 5, GH Adopt A Highway (10-12)
Saturday, Nov 11, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
**Saturday, Nov 18, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**
Saturday, Nov 18, Harvest Fest (9-1 and/or 12-4)
Saturday, Nov 18, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (9:30-11:30)
Sunday, Nov 19, GH Wetland Workday (10-12)

Saturday, Dec 2, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
Saturday, Dec 9, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (9:30-11:30)
**Saturday, Dec 9, Blue Jay Point County Park (10-12)**​
**Saturday, Dec 16, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**


APES 2nd Quarter Community Service Hours Due Thursday, January 11

**Monday, Jan 15, Good Hope Farm (10-12 and/or 1-3)**
**Monday, Jan 15, Piedmont Wildlife Center Adopt A Highway (11-1)**
**Saturday, Jan 20, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**

Friday, Feb 2, Cary Tennis Center Litter Pickup (3:30-4:30)​
**Saturday, Feb 3, Museum of Natural Sciences Astronomy Days (10-5)**
**Sunday, Feb 4, Museum of Natural Sciences Astronomy Days (10-5)**
Saturday, Feb 10, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (10-12)
Saturday, Feb 10, Dunham Park (10-12)
**Saturday, Feb 17, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**
**Saturday, Feb 17, Blue Jay Point County Park (1-3)**
Monday, Feb 19, GH Wetland Workday (11-1)
Sunday, Feb 25, GH Adopt-A-Highway (10-12)
Thursday, Feb 29, Bond Park (3-5)

Sunday, Mar 3, GH Wetland Workday (10-12)​
Saturday, Mar 9, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (9:30-11:30)
**Saturday, Mar 9, Museum of Natural Sciences Reptile & Amphibian Day (10-5)**
**Saturday, Mar 16, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**
Sunday, Mar 17, GH Wetland Workday (10-12)
**Saturday, Mar 23, Blue Jay Point County Park (1-3)**

APES 3rd Quarter Community Service Hours Due Thursday, Apr 4


Saturday, Apr 6, Town of Cary Arbor Day (9:30-1 and/or 12:30-3:30)
Sunday, Apr 7, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (2-4)
**Saturday, Apr 13, Cary Spring Litter Sweep: Crossroads (9-10:30)**
**Saturday, Apr 13, Cary Spring Litter Sweep: Davis Drive (9-10:30)**
Saturday, Apr 13, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (9:30-11:30)
**Saturday, Apr 13, Cary Spring Litter Sweep: East Cary (11:30-1)**
**Saturday, Apr 13, Cary Spring Litter Sweep: Kildaire Farm Road (11:30-1)**
**Saturday, Apr 13, Cary Spring Litter Sweep: Swift Creek (1-3)**
**Saturday, Apr 20, Umstead Park (TBA)**
** Saturday, Apr 20, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**
Sunday, Apr 21, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (1-3)
**Saturday, Apr 27, Piedmont Wildlife Center Adopt A Highway (10-12)**
**Saturday, Apr 27, Blue Jay Point Songbird Celebration (10-5)**
Sunday, Apr 28, GH Wetland Workday (10-12)

Saturday, May 4, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve (9:30-11:30)
**Saturday, May 18, Good Hope Farm (9-11)**
Sunday, May 19, GH Wetland Workday (9-11)
Sunday, May 26, GH Wetland Workday (9-11)
Monday, May 27, GH Adopt-A-Highway (9-11)

APES 4th Quarter Community Service Hours Due Thursday, May 30

Opportunities marked with ** are not GH sponsored. A form & picture must be submitted for credit.

AP Environmental Science students must complete six environmental community service hours per quarter, representing 5% of each quarter grade. Service hours are encouraged, but not required, for Environmental Club members.

Most importantly, if you sign up for an event, show up on timeEvents often travel from the meet location and late students are not guaranteed participation. APES no-shows will receive a five point deduction off their community service grade

All the events listed below will count for APES credit. Events listed with  **  are not GH sponsored and require a verification form and a picture (showing you participating in the event with others). APES students seeking opportunities not listed below must get the event approved by Mr. Rush or Ms. Magee in advance of participation.

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