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All assignments in APES will be listed here. Items with a page number to the left will be completed on a google doc that is shared with Mr. Rush (example here). A new google doc will be created for each unit and the document may be submitted to turnitin by Mr. Rush.

**Daily assignments are always due by the start of the next class unless explicitly stated otherwise**

APES Unit One: Ecosystems, Evolution, Populations and Biomes (ch 3-8)

        1/20, APES Syllabus
        1/20, 3RD PD Student Information Sheet
        1/20, 4TH PD Student Information Sheet
001, 1/20, Lab: Fishing For the Future
        1/20, Notes: Ecosystems & Evolution
        1/20, Supplemental Notes: Chapter Three
        1/20, Recommended Textbook Reading 3.1-3.2
002, 1/21, Lab: Producers & Consumers
        1/21, 3RD PD StreamWatch Group Requests
        1/21, 4TH PD StreamWatch Group Requests
        1/21, Recommended Textbook Reading 3.3-3.4
        1/22, StreamWatch Activities: Large Biotics
        1/22, Recommended Textbook Reading 3.5-3.6
        1/25, GH Universal Expectations Requirement
003, 1/25, Lab: Carbon Cycle
        1/25, Recommended Textbook Reading 4.1-4.2
        1/26, Asynchronous Learning Day (check in here by 2:18)
004, 1/26, Lab: Modeling Evolution
        1/26, Recommended Textbook Reading 4.3-4.4
        1/27, Supplemental Notes: Chapter Four
005, 1/27, Lab: Island Biogeography
        1/27, Recommended Textbook Reading 4.5-4.6
        1/28, Notes: Populations
006, 1/28, Lab: Ecological Succession
        1/28, Recommended Textbook Reading 5.1-5.2
007, 1/29, Lab: Predator Prey Interaction
        1/29, Recommended Textbook Reading 5.3-5.4
        1/31, Personal Progress Check Unit 3 Due

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(AKA How long can I procrastinate?)

LABS are always due by the start of the following live class.

STREAMWATCH activities must be completed on Fridays

and PROJECTS are due on Sunday nights by 11:59 pm.