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Scientific Internet Searching - Scientific American
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Ecological Study Writing Tips - McMillan
NC Streamwatch - NC DENR

Lab Links
Power of Pyramids - U.S. Census Bureau
Integrated Pest Management - EPA
Wastewater Treatment - Humboldt State University
Weathering & Erosion 1 - UKY
Weathering & Erosion 2 - Kinetic City
Weathering & Erosion 3 - PBS
Weathering & Erosion 4 - PBS
Ecological Footprint - Footprint Network
Car Emissions - U.S. DOE
Emissions Trading - EPA
IPCC Summary for Policy Makers
Superfund - EPA
Symbiocity - Symbiocity

Video Links
Racing Extinction - OPS
Cane Toads - Film Australia
End of the Line - R. Murray
Fresh - Ripple Effect
Flow - Oscilliscope
The Fracking Song - Studio 20
Ward Transformer - UNC Superfund BRP
E-Waste - 60 Minutes
Garbage Mountain - National Geographic
Gimme Green - Jellyfish Smack Productions

    Marine Ecology

Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation - Top Terms & Gimme Questions
Marine Ecology AODM

Lab Links
Natural Selection - Sepup
Marine Fossils & the Phylogenetic Tree - UC Berkeley
Tides - SAS (login: ghhsstudent - quick launch 950)
Pfiesteria 1 - EPA
Pfiesteria 2 - Pfiesteria Lifecycle
Pfiesteria 3 - NC State University
Virtual Fish Dissection - Australian Museum Online
Fish Memory Game - Apples4theTeacher
Tracking Humpback Whales - Wheelock College
Tracking Sea Turtles - seaturtle.org (non-profit org)
Deep Sea Bathymetry - NOAA
SpongeBob 1 - Ocean Futures (SpongeBob)
SpongeBob 2 - How Stuff Works
SpongeBob 3 - Nickelodeon
Climate Change - TED Talk
Endangered Species - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Invasive Species - Global Invasive Species Database

Video Links
Captain Cook - John Green
Pangaea Popup - TedEd
Continental Drift - Biointeractive
Sea Monsters - Nat Geo
Ocean Currents - NOAA
Bay of Fundy - SciShow
Blue Planet Series - BBC
Pfiesteria Files (trailer) - MD Sea Grant
Jellyfish Sting - Smarter Every Day
Beautiful Blue Crab - NC Sea Grant
Gyotaku - Ted Ed
Life Series - Discovery
Kingdom of the Blue Whale - Discovery
The Cove - Diamond
Time Will Tell - Madison Stewart
Sharkwater - Diatribe
Blackfish - Magnolia
Midway, A Plastic Island - CNN
Lionfish - Marine Expeditions


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