Use these links to help you study for each exam.  They include the top terms for each exam and a gimme question.  Let me know if there is anything else I should add to each document to help you succeed in the course.
Ecosystems & Evolution (ch3-4)

Populations (ch5-6)

Biomes (ch7-8)

Species Approach (ch9)

Sustaining Biodiversity (ch10-11)

Food & Water (ch12-13)

Geology & Energy Resources (ch14-16)

Health, Air Pollution & Climate (ch17-19)

Water Pollution & Waste (ch20-21)

Sustainable Cities (ch22)

Economics & Politics (ch23-24)

Final Exam

AP Exam
Introduction to Marine (ch0)

Prehistoric Oceans (ch0)

Oceanography (ch1)

Plankton (ch2)

Benthos (ch5&7)

Nekton Part One - The Fishes (ch3)

Nekton Part Two - The Tetrapods (ch3)

The Deep (ch4)

Tropical Communities (ch9-10)

Intertidal Ecology (ch6&8)

Human Impact on the Sea (ch11)

Final Exam
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Marine Ecology
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Marine Ecology

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