last updated on 2/25/2020
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Upcoming Dates of Importance

Thursday, Feb 27
Exam: Biomes (APES)

Thursday, Feb 27
Exam: Oceanography (Marine)

Sunday, Mar 1
Unit 1 Personal Progress Check Due (APES)

Thursday, Mar 5
Last Day For All Late Work & Tutorials (3rd Qtr Interim)

Thursday, Mar 5
Exam: Species
Approach (APES)

Thursday, Mar 5
Exam: Plankton (Marine)

Sunday, Mar 8
Eco Study Due
to turnitin (APES)

Thursday, Mar 12
Notebook Check (Marine)

Welcome to AP Environmental Science and Honors Marine Ecology at Green Hope High School. Whether keeping up with daily assignments on the notebook checklist, finding useful web links or remembering when the next exam will be, you can find it all here! Let me know if I can add anything else to help you.
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2019-2020 APES Summer Assignment
The Green Hope Wetland
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